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Nutcracker Sweet is proud to offer a variety of spa gifts to our clients. Filled with luxurious spa products, these gift baskets are the perfect present for anyone in your life that deserves a little pampering. Spa gifts are great gifts for Valentine’s day, sympathy, housewarming, holiday, birthday, corporate and Mother’s Day. A great alternative to edible baskets, these gifts are sure to be warm and indulgent. Whatever message you want to send, a spa gift can be a great option. We can deliver your gifts anywhere in Toronto within one to two business days.
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A spa gift is great for Valentine’s day or a birthday. Your loved one will know how much you care about them, and they will know how much thought you put in to their gift. They will appreciate that you want them to sit back, relax, and enjoy their day.

A spa gift is also a nice option to send as a sympathy gift. This type of gift basket shows your love and support, and gives your loved one the opportunity to relax and find their centre.

Moving into a new house can be hectic. There is also something to do, and unpacking can be very stressful. Sending a spa gift as a housewarming present is a really good way to show your loved ones your support and to help them relax during this crazy time. The same goes for corporate baskets. When a friend, loved one, or new employee is starting a new job they may be nervous or stressed and nothing would be warmer than to receive a spa gift basket.

Spa gifts are great for Mother’s Day. Your mother will love that you took the time to pick her such a beautiful basket, and will appreciate that you want her to indulge in luxury spa products from Nutcracker Sweet gift baskets. 

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